Walking Safety – Exercise Precautions


Walking is a nice and simple way to lose weight. But even with walking, the wrong practices can get you injured and halt your progress.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about some precautions you should take while going for a walk. (Especially recommended for long-distance walking)

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9 Reasons You Need to Read Poetry


A lot of people may view poetry as hard-to-understand, old and/or boring. Some may even view poets as fakes: people who seem deep but aren’t!

While a few may come under this category ( 😉 ), poetry as a whole is a beautiful medium a lot more people need to get into!

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The Simplest Way to Lose Weight


A lot of us desire slim bellies & rocking midriffs. We wanna show off a hot bod in pictures and real life (both clothed and not 😉 ). We tend to think that this requires a lot of hard work and time. But here’s the good news! It’s simpler than you think.

Now you won’t be a Greek god or goddess with it, but there’s a simple secret to shedding away extra fat… Continue reading

Discover, Dedicate, Develop! (Blog Intro)


Why I Started This Blog

College and curiosity have given me some interesting information. Some of it has impacted my life, my writing and my general outlook. I love to share and receive ideas. I’ve learnt a lot this way. As such, I felt I could reach more people more easily through a blog. This way, we could help each other understand the world better and develop ourselves as individuals.

Content of the Blog

This blog will mainly deal with 4 areas:

  1. Self-Development (physical, mental & emotional)
  2. Creative content (poems, stories & such)
  3. Educational content (with practical leaning):
    > Philosophy
    > Literature
    > Psychology

So Let’s Get Started!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, as they say. And each step will get you closer to your goal. So let’s keep moving up, exploring & achieving!