Discover, Dedicate, Develop! (Blog Intro)


Why I Started This Blog

College and curiosity have given me some interesting information. Some of it has impacted my life, my writing and my general outlook. I love to share and receive ideas. I’ve learnt a lot this way. As such, I felt I could reach more people more easily through a blog. This way, we could help each other understand the world better and develop ourselves as individuals.

Content of the Blog

This blog will mainly deal with 4 areas:

  1. Self-Development (physical, mental & emotional)
  2. Creative content (poems, stories & such)
  3. Educational content (with practical leaning):
    > Philosophy
    > Literature
    > Psychology

So Let’s Get Started!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, as they say. And each step will get you closer to your goal. So let’s keep moving up, exploring & achieving!


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