The Simplest Way to Lose Weight


A lot of us desire slim bellies & rocking midriffs. We wanna show off a hot bod in pictures and real life (both clothed and not 😉 ). We tend to think that this requires a lot of hard work and time. But here’s the good news! It’s simpler than you think.

Now you won’t be a Greek god or goddess with it, but there’s a simple secret to shedding away extra fat…

And that secret is… walking!

Yep, you read it right. Now this may seem silly to you. “Walking? I do that anyway. It can’t be that easy, can it?”. Well, be honest to yourself – how much time in a day do you really spend on walking? Maybe not as much as you think.

With desk jobs prevailing in the job market today, we hardly spend time moving our bodies. Instead, our days go by stooped at our desks or in our couches, snacking away at our sedentary pleasure.

The Facts


According to research, 15 mins of moderate walking can burn 36 calories & 30 mins can burn 85!

Now bump that up to brisk walking (fast walking but not jogging) and it becomes even more effective! 15 mins of brisk walking can help you lose 60 calories, while 30 mins can burn off 129 calories!


Now you could get away with slow walking as well. According to the same research, if you do it daily, you can reach your fat loss goals with slow-pace walking too! The important thing is to walk and do it regularly! Remember, consistency is key if you want to see those results.

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