How Toxic People Will Ruin Your Life


We meet and become friends with a lot of people in our lives. Some linger, others move on. But not all the people that stay need to stay. Some do more damage than good. And these people are what you call toxic people. So in this article, we’re gonna explore why you need to dump them right now!

You Will Give, Give, Give and Get Nothing!

Toxic people have a tendency to exploit those who are susceptible. If you seem like the type to help and be convenient, they will use you. But once you’re no longer useful to them, they won’t interact with you.

Sometimes they move on to someone else, sometimes they don’t. And when they don’t, they’re just going to continue draining your life away. They won’t return your favours but only employ you for their selfish needs. So watch out and dump them before the parasites suck you dry.

They will Belittle You

Toxic people don’t like when you succeed. They either want you to be at their level or lower. Their self-esteem gets affected when you’re victorious, so they try to do what they can to make you fail. They might make you think you’re being cool by not achieving things but you’re just becoming the perfect victim of their trap.

This direct or indirect mockery will lower your self-esteem and the energy you could have used to better yourself. Stop their sapping by dropping them before they continue yapping!

They Don’t Really Care about You

A lot of these elements are great at deception. They will make it appear like they care with their acting and verbal assurance, but in reality, they don’t. When you need them the most, they will abandon you. Their support may only be vocal with no substance.

So forget the fakeness and build relationships around people who really care about you.

They’re a Waste of Your Precious Energy

Relationships of any kind are hard work. Maintaining friends can consume your energy and time. Do you really want to spend it on people who don’t really care about you, use you, and barely do anything worthwhile in return? I think you deserve better. So conserve your physical, mental and emotional energy, and get rid of the luggage before you fall under its pressure.

You’re an Object to Them

The least you could expect from a friend is to treat you like a human being: someone with feelings, individuality and his/her own opinions. But toxic people don’t see you that way. They only see you as an instrument for their plans. You are merely a pawn in their game. They will betray you and blame you when you don’t deserve it. They’re not loyal and will let you go according to your utility in their schemes. Do you want to be someone’s toy to play with or maintain your dignity and lose the losers?

They Will Kill Your Friends

Your friends are the ones who truly treasure you. When you’re in trouble or they’re concerned about you, they’ll let you know. They will text or call to check up on you. They wanna make sure you’re not getting screwed over. And these lovely souls are barriers in the way of toxic people’s goals. They can’t have your friends “poison” you (as they will call it). They will make you think your friends/family are playing you and take you away from them. They need you more than you need them. And they can’t have anything getting in the way of that.

You’ll Never Reach Your Goals

With soul-suckers hovering over you and ensuring you stay down, you won’t accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself. You won’t have time for your own self-development, they won’t want you to move on from them (if it’s better for you and worse for them), they’ll make sure you don’t believe in yourself or your goals, they will distract you and leave you down, and set an overall negative environment for you.

Do you want to stay where you are or keep growing? Because my friend, if you want the latter, you want to climb up the ladder, then you need to leave some people behind.

They’ll Affect Your Mental Health

With all the negativity, lack of fulfillment, frustration, self-doubt, lack of positive social life and so on that they bring, your mental health will take a turn for the worst. You’ll feel more depressed, your self-esteem will be low, your confidence will be shaky, your mind will be in chaos and much more.

So for the sake of your sanity and well-being, please just cleanse yourself.

Final Word

Just like your body benefits from a detox, so does your mind and social life. Pay attention to the ones dragging you down, demotivating you, ruining your mood, and just being an all-round negative influence and slowly break contact with them. If they happen to be family, you could try talking less or move out once you have the self-sufficiency to do so.

If someone does one of these things once in a while, they’re not necessarily toxic. But if they’re repeat offenders and their negatives outweigh their positives, don’t think twice.

Wishing you a happier, more positive life. Don’t forget to follow me on WordPress for email or WordPress updates. Peace.

4 thoughts on “How Toxic People Will Ruin Your Life

    • Thank you for the feedback and appreciation. Glad you found it helpful.

      Yes, you’re better off without some people, though it may be hard to let go. 🙂

      Feel free to follow me via email or WordPress by clicking the Follow button at the bottom right. Take care. ^_^


  1. Thanks for the warning ReVitellect!
    Yep,Surround yourself with people who genuinely care instead .. 🙂
    Great article,
    Keep up the good work!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, PoisonedVine. Yep, right on. Life can be hard by itself and you don’t need people to make it any harder than it is. Be selective with your crowd and your life will transform in a positive way.

      Be sure to follow me via the Follow button at the bottom right for the latest posts delivered to your Reader/email. 🙂


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