A Single Man’s Valentine’s (Poem)


Valentine’s Day:
The worst day of the year:
Constantly reminding him of his loneliness
Were the happy couples canoodling in the park,
And holding hands in the corridor,
And “studying” in the classrooms,
And “eating” in the canteen.

The sight grew old but the sight pestered him;
Was his fate to forever be a singleton?

He returned home with an annoyed sigh.
He sat on his bed and locked eyes
With the playful moon up in the sky
Wondering if a love life was ever nigh.

He surrendered those thoughts and crept online.
But between the memes, lovers he’d find.
He tried to take a nap and forget about it
But not even his dreams could break the habit.

It was obvious what he wanted but not obvious how to find.
Now the night’s his faithful company
As it dates his wide eyes.


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