A Picnic in Eden (Poem)


Legs sprawled on the soft bed of the Earth,
Hands splayed on the cool silk of Its robe.
An authentic smile adorned her face –
Not compulsed by politeness,
Nor feigned to fake being fine.

Her eyes flirted with the gay sun,
Her ears tingled with the kindness of the sea.

Oh what a fine day today!
Oh how mighty fine.
Not like other days
That withered in the rage of flames.
No, not like other days
That locked her breath in the storm of Poseidon.
Not at all like that.
Just a moment to relax.

And maybe it was transient;
Maybe it was her lucky day.
But Joy is a most precious thing
Whose beauty is treasured in rarity.
So she grasped Its hand while it offered
And eloped with It to a serene place
Which the foes of her sanity
Could never, ever trace.

A moment in eternity,
A moment in paradise.
A much needed escape,
As evidenced in her eyes.

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9 thoughts on “A Picnic in Eden (Poem)

    • 🙂 Thank you. I was imagining her eyes being in love with the compassionate sun & her ears in pleasure with the sound of the sea. All part of the beauty of the location and the peace in her mind.

      Did you have another perspective in mind?


  1. The imagery and the feel of your poem..is exquisite.
    Took me back to my childhood, The endless sea and the gay sun..Ah, it felt so nostalgic to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for appreciating the literary value. Happy to hear that I could help you travel back in time. 🙂 I was imagining the scene vividly and tried to describe what I saw as best I could. If you’d like to experience more poetry/stories & learn from helpful articles, feel free to Follow me on WordPress. Have a nice day! ^_^


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