Destructive Disguise (Poem)


Eyes like ashes,
Burnt from eternal ambition.

Chin like a boulder,
Bashing all that transcends it.

Lips like a bow,
Hurling arrows into shallow chests.

Ears like a dam,
Hindering sense from coming through.

Fists like a beast,
Untamed & ferocious.

Steps like thunder,
Loud & frightful.

Voice like the Devil,
Hellish & subduing.

Grip like a straitjacket,
Tight & restraining.

Teeth like a pestle,
Grinding & crushing.

Yet behind this facade was a person – deeply wounded, worried & afraid.
And the outward terror was a mere veil
To conceal the sadness & disarray
That lurked in the depths of a frozen heart.


2 thoughts on “Destructive Disguise (Poem)

    • Thank you. Yes, I’ve been feeling dark these days when it comes to my poetry. Been trying to manifest it into words. Of course, with some imagination and hyperbole.

      Yes, I guess it could be forced. I didn’t want to offend anyone in case they thought it was about them. Also wanted to look at both sides of the issue. I’d read that those that hurt others may want to avoid being hurt themselves or may have been hurt in the past. Our experiences and scope of knowledge kind of inform our actions. So that’s kinda the psychologically-sympathetic take.

      But yeah, I could have carried through with the first message that I was delivering. 🙂 Thanks for the review and for the appreciation of the poetry. Take care! 🙂


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