The Meaning of Happiness | 25 Post Special

25 Post Milestone Poster

Hey, guys! So we hit 25 posts on the blog. I’d like to take this moment to thank each and all of you, both here on WordPress (38 of you, so far!) and my friends on Facebook, for following me & supporting me.

As a tribute, I thought of giving back by sharing your views on a topic. So in this post, we’re gonna look at your perspectives on the meaning of happiness. Let’s have a look:

Aishwarya small Aishwarya Rivonker, admin of Click . Write .Doodle says:

“Happiness is something which I’ve been searching for lately.

The very fact is that it does not come with materialistic things. Rather, it comes from something very deep and life changing.

Happiness is being heard in a crowd;

It’s something I am still searching for.”

(Click . Write .Doodle is a page dedicated to photographs, sketches & handicrafts by Aishwarya Rivonker. Check it out!)

A term so common yet so elusive! Let’s see what Athira has to say –

Athira smallAthira Chandran says:

“Happiness for me is daily life, I guess. Tensions and worries all add flavour to life.

More generally, happiness for me is having someone selflessly listening to you and knowing that that person is always there to support you.

Happiness is being with family. Everything, in one way or the other, pleases me.

I worry, alright, then after everything, I laugh at the worries.

So yes, I find happiness everywhere.”

So maybe it’s more about your reaction than the situation. Good points! Let’s see what Floyd has to say –

Floyd smallFloyd Romao says:

“Most of us have a wrong image of happiness: we think true happiness can be found elsewhere; we don’t look within ourselves.

People think happiness is having a lot of money and time to spend. But it’s actually found in making the most with the little that we have and treasuring each day;

It’s about valuing what we have rather than what we want in life.”

Value what you have instead of what you want – words to live by!

Siddhi adds to the mix and shows us that maybe it’s about the little things –

Siddhi small 2Siddhi Govekar says:

“Happiness is a feeling: a feeling you get when someone perfectly understands the unspoken part of you; the first sip of coffee; reaching home after an exhausting day & being welcomed by four paws;

When someone appreciates your appearance on days when you put in a little more effort to get ready; when you’re admiring the beauty of the moon and all you can remember are the good memories; the feeling of satisfaction after offering a helping hand;

When someone tells you how much you mean to them; the feeling you choose to feel after shedding salty tears; the feeling when you realise your worth.”

Things like feeling special & simple pleasures matter. Quite relatable. Let’s check out Brijesh’s account of happiness –

Brijesh smallBrijesh Kakodker, owner of Real Envoya, says:

“Happiness to me is a state of mind.

You could be in the worst of your moods,

but one second or a moment can change everything.”

(Real Envoya is a Youtube channel with creative vlogs, skits, reviews & more! Check it out!)

Hmm… so if you have the right mindset, your sadness can go away. I like that.

Let’s read Yashila’s take on what it takes to be happy –

Yashila Lobo 4Yashila Lobo says:

“When I look good, I feel good.

Also, unexpected appreciation, and the little, unexpected gifts life gives us.

Basically, don’t expect too much. There is joy when your expectations are low.

Also, a well-deserved break after working hard.

There is just so much to say!”

Look good, go with the flow & take a break.

Interesting views! Now onto mine.


I’d say happiness is found in overall well-being.

Indian Philosophy, in particular, cites 4 purusharthas (goals of life) for us:


  • Artha (wealth/prosperity)
  • Kama (psychological values like pleasure & love)
  • Dharma (moral values)
  • Moksha (liberation from suffering/spiritual values).

So if you fulfill these needs, you can get your ticket on the happiness train.

But sometimes you see people with even the littlest means being happy. What’s their secret?


Looking at that, I’d agree with Brijesh & Floyd: it’s ultimately a state of mind that can be found within.

What is happiness to you? Tell me in the comments.


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