Mistress in the Sky (Poem)

woman-1151025_1280Magnetised to Mother Earth
Yet yearning to be one with the Mistress in the Sky,
Who shimmers with the sequins adorned
On Her mysterious dark guise.


Her face alters, from a crescent smile
To an unillumined blankness.
But my love for Her is assured regardless,
Whichever phase She’s in;
For all Her many forms
Are part and parcel of Her song.


The depth of Her being
Leaves me in awe.
Don’t get me wrong:
I know so many of Her patterns,
From Andromeda to Corona Borealis,
But there’s so much more to discover
And my life to this purpose I’d give.


So release me, oh Earth, so I may grasp Her infinite arm
And set me to the sky
Like an angel reunited with his Goddess
Up high.


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