The Way I Am (Poem)

Guest poem by Leann Mesquita


There was a point
where I couldn’t hide it;
Hide it from the world that surrounded me.
Astonished by my behaviour,
People began to question me;
Question me about my “surprising” change.

I used to get annoyed and say to them, “Go away”
And they would leave…
Only to speak behind me secretly;
Secretly about things they didn’t know –
For it was more than a mystery.

Why does the universe question me
Even when I don’t want to answer?
Why do people backstab me,
When they don’t know the truth?
Why do I have to be the way they wish?
Can’t I be myself?

Ain’t I allowed to have my own feelings?
Isn’t it supposed to be that way?

I do not need other people, I’m happy the way I am;
I am happy with the dreadful situations I have;
I am happy with all those who backstab me,
‘Cause all they do is….
Make me stronger
Every day.

Youtube poster
Leann Mesquita is the owner of All about everyday:
A Youtube channel about everyday issues, self-development & motivation.
If you like the sound of that, visit her channel All about everyday today!

Have helpful knowledge or interesting writings you’d like to share? Contact me and let’s collab!


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