How to Improve Your Self-Esteem


Feel like you’re never good enough and hate yourself? Don’t believe you can achieve much and have stopped trying? Maybe you’re easily hurt by criticism or just wanna stay away from others.

If so, chances are, you have low self-esteem. But does that mean you’re cursed to be that way? Of course not.

In this article, we’re gonna learn about what self-esteem is, the benefits of positive self-esteem and how you can get there.

What is Self-Esteem?


Most of us have heard of the term ‘self-esteem’. But what does the concept really mean?

Psychologists Blascovich & Tomaka define it as “an individual’s sense of his or her value or worth, or the extent to which a person values, approves of, appreciates, prizes, or likes him or herself.”

So, basically, self-esteem is how you see yourself & how much you like yourself.

More broadly speaking, self-esteem is “a favorable or unfavorable attitude toward the self”, as psychologist Rosenberg points out. Essentially, do you see yourself positively or negatively? If the former, you have high self-esteem. If the latter, low self-esteem.

But we can also think of it as a spectrum. Here, self-esteem would appear in degrees – high, medium & low. The best one here would hence be medium.

Why You Need a Good Self-Esteem


Okay, so we know what self-esteem is. But what are the benefits of good self-esteem?

To answer that, let’s look at the consequences of low self-esteem:

  • Depression
  • Achieving less than your potential
  • Accepting abusive relationships or situations
  • Anxiety
  • Failed relationships
  • Trouble socialising, etc.

Thus, it becomes important to treat these issues and change your self-perception.

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6 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Self-Esteem

    • Thank you, Aphrolina! Yes, very true. I’ve personally gone through a depressed phase looking at my past. But after accepting the new phase I’m going through, felt better. 🙂

      And yes, failures are actually great: they help you know what doesn’t work so you can try out new things that may work. You learn more from failures than successes. 🙂

      If you’re interested in self-development & enriching your mind & heart, do join us here on ReVitellect by following. Have a great day!

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