350 Million People are Affected by this Mental Health Issue!

350 Million People Are Affected by this Problem | Interview with Archa Joshi

The world is plagued with several problems. And some of these issues have a lot of misconceptions & ignorance tied to them. One such malady affects around 350,000,000 (350 million) people across the globe, according to WHO. What is this ailment? Well, it is none other than…
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Blind Impulse (Dark Poem)

ZomboMeme 10042017221122

Shuffling through the dark
With only the meagre flame of hope
Dwindling as the blackness consumed
The room with greater intensity.

The actions were felt but not witnessed,
Even by himself.
His bare feet sensed their way across
Till he came in contact with a sticky slime
Which wreaked of a foul stench
Unknown to him before entering that doomed place.

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