Blind Impulse (Dark Poem)

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Shuffling through the dark
With only the meagre flame of hope
Dwindling as the blackness consumed
The room with greater intensity.

The actions were felt but not witnessed,
Even by himself.
His bare feet sensed their way across
Till he came in contact with a sticky slime
Which wreaked of a foul stench
Unknown to him before entering that doomed place.

He manoeuvred around its gross contents
And reached a wall
Which he assumed would finally guide him securely
But as his fingers inched further
The substance pleaded his acquaintance again.

Neither the floor nor wall
Were forgiving enough
To permit him to forget
The drunken regrets of that night.

After more careful treading,
He finally met the soft touch of a curtain:
A touch he hadn’t known
Before entering that room.

As he parted the drapes
In the hope of uncovering some relieving light,
His faith was dashed by the flashing hues
Of scarlet & stormy blue
Which struck in him a sudden realisation –
A truth he had been denying all this while:

It was no carnal dream;
It was a vicious violence
Unknown to him
Before entering this dinner hall
And coming face-to-face
With evil chance
And a lack of souls
To judge or deflect
With reason’s arms;

His brutal clash
With his provocative foe
Arose out of a prodding tongue
That kept etching his nerves
Till his grinding teeth met its threshold
And his inner savage unleashed
A grotesque rage
That was so unbecoming
Of his otherwise calm demeanor.

The depths of what humanity
Is capable of
Came to light in this one,
Horrific instance
And proved how we all possess
An inner beast whose destruction
Is contained only by a fragile cage
Of rationality.

via Daily Prompt: Blindly

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