5 Effortless Yet ‘Metamorphic’ Life Hacks

Make your life easier with these simple but effective hacks! Spoon can opener, anti-slip slippers, airtight zipper bag hack, and more!

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Have you ever wondered if your life would ever see a radical transformation from the usual to extraordinary? Or at least to something better than it currently is? Well, here are 5 life hacks that everyone should know if they want their ordinary life to transform into an extraordinary one.

1. In our lives we have had millions of experiences, both positive and negative. One almost inevitable one has to be having fallen at home as the floor was too slippery because our trusty slippers decided they did not want to give you a good grip. A hot glue gun that can be purchased at a stationery near you can save your bones from being damaged or even broken. All you need to do is to put zig-zag lines on the back of your slippers and wait for it to dry. A simple lifesaver.


2. Often, eating potato chips is…

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Awareness for Happiness


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Happiness is a thing we all aspire to achieve. But despite our intentions, we fail in reaching this ideal state. It seems like an illusion – like something we’re not destined to enjoy in this life.

But is this really the case?

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How Social Media is Lying to You (Video)

Does social media make you feel insecure? Do you get depressed looking at all the fun your friends are having and all the achievements they’re getting?

Well in this video, I talk to you about the illusion of social media and why you shouldn’t let it hurt your self esteem.

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How to Find True Friendship – Logos Podcast Episode 6

All friends are not made equal. There are 3 types and each serves a purpose.
Learn about the 3 types and how you can find true friendship with this recording!

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