The Riddle of Youth

The Riddle of Youth

Travelling down winding paths, facing the brutality of crossroads at every turn. Fear of a wrong decision festering in your future-obsessed mind.

Longing for a return to a time even younger than now. How silly and ignorant. Times then had their own tribulations. Hindsight cunningly erases all of Past’s struggles.

Bountiful Land

Hope burns in the corner still. He expects a bountiful land in the distant waters.

Human priority, though. A true comedy: mind focussed on a paradise of fancy while the self sinks in the troubles of today.

A few more injurious events would toughen you up, you hear. Perhaps you’d look back on these days as a foolish daze of a virgin mind.

Till that time, your only choice – to ride these waves on your empty boat, steering through the fierce storms that roar inside your bustling head.

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