Thank You | Our Blog Milestone

Thank You to Readers for 500 Likes and 100 Follows

This is a big thank you to all the followers and readers of the blog who made this achievement possible. Thank you for your continued support. Hoping to keep giving you value and enriching your mind and heart.

Cheers and have a great day!


Toshiro Cotta from ReVitellect

The Meaning of Happiness | 25 Post Special

25 Post Milestone Poster

Hey, guys! So we hit 25 posts on the blog. I’d like to take this moment to thank each and all of you, both here on WordPress (38 of you, so far!) and my friends on Facebook, for following me & supporting me.

As a tribute, I thought of giving back by sharing your views on a topic. So in this post, we’re gonna look at your perspectives on the meaning of happiness. Let’s have a look:

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Blog Schedule Update!


Hi, guys. So I’ll be changing the blog schedule a bit.

It’s mostly been daily uploads so far. Will now be shifting to alternate days.

Here’s the new schedule for posts:

Will be posting around night time in India (Afternoon/Evening, GMT)

Thank you for your continued support. Hoping to keep helping you guys with informative articles and moving poetry/stories.

Cheers and stay tuned!

Helpful Quotes to Celebrate 10 Posts!


We did it, guys! We officially hit 10 posts on the blog (minus the intro article).

A big thank you to all the followers here as well as on Facebook. And a big thank you for the lovely comments you’ve been leaving on both platforms. Has been motivating and encouraging for me.

To celebrate this occasion, I’ve compiled a list of 5 quotes by philosophers and writers you might find helpful. Feel free to leave suggestions for future topics in the comments or Contact Form.

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Discover, Dedicate, Develop! (Blog Intro)


Why I Started This Blog

College and curiosity have given me some interesting information. Some of it has impacted my life, my writing and my general outlook. I love to share and receive ideas. I’ve learnt a lot this way. As such, I felt I could reach more people more easily through a blog. This way, we could help each other understand the world better and develop ourselves as individuals.

Content of the Blog

This blog will mainly deal with 4 areas:

  1. Self-Development (physical, mental & emotional)
  2. Creative content (poems, stories & such)
  3. Educational content (with practical leaning):
    > Philosophy
    > Literature
    > Psychology

So Let’s Get Started!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, as they say. And each step will get you closer to your goal. So let’s keep moving up, exploring & achieving!