Your Inner Hope (Poem)

Sometimes you’ll have bad days
Sometimes you’ll feel blue
Sometimes it’ll hurt
And your heart will be in two

You seem to get better
And then you take a step back
(Or two)
It feels like there was never progress made,
Only an illusion pursued

But remind yourself this:
Such is the journey, dear
Speedbumps along the way
You might slow down a bit
But don’t you dare stop halfway

Keep prodding on
Keep pushing through
Once the rain clears
It’ll be sunshine anew 🙂

How to Win Arguments Using Fallacies

Let’s explore a topic that can help you win debates and arguments, namely, fallacies.

What are Fallacies?

Fallacies are errors in reasoning. If you can spot fallacies, you can spot bad arguments. If you point out bad arguments, you can win debates!

So let’s look at a few fallacies today:

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How to Build a Sellable, Self-Running Business (by a Successful Entrepreneur)


Do you dream to have a successful, self-sustaining business? Do you run a company but are buried under a pile of work?

Well, successful businessman and author, John Warrillow, is here to help! Not only has he founded 5 companies, but he also has 15 years of experience in company assessment to help you out!

Within that time, he’s managed to interview more than 10,000 business owners every year. So you’re definitely in good hands.

Let’s borrow his extensive expertise and build our own successful business! What does he have to say about growing a great business?

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Thank You | Our Blog Milestone

Thank You to Readers for 500 Likes and 100 Follows

This is a big thank you to all the followers and readers of the blog who made this achievement possible. Thank you for your continued support. Hoping to keep giving you value and enriching your mind and heart.

Cheers and have a great day!


Toshiro Cotta from ReVitellect

How to Stop Dreaming (And Start Achieving!)

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of dreaming too much. Dreaming is good. It helps you visualise what you want. But dreams alone won’t lead you to success. In fact, they’ll steal it from you!

So in this video, we’re gonna use the help of Philosophy and some of my own rationalisation to help you overcome this bad habit!

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Best wishes,

Toshiro Cotta from ReVitellect