How to Find True Friendship – Logos Podcast Episode 6

All friends are not made equal. There are 3 types and each serves a purpose.
Learn about the 3 types and how you can find true friendship with this recording!

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Beat Disappointment with Four Letters | Logos Podcast Episode 5

Overcome disappointment with the four letter acronym RAIN! Why let situations overpower you when you have the control?

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Key to a Good Life | Ft. Aristotle | Logos Podcast Episode 3

Key to a Good Life - Logos Podcast Ep 3 poster

We all strive to achieve the good life. We want happiness and prosperity in our lives. But often, this ideal eludes us. Is there a good way to reach these states or is ultimate happiness just an illusion?

Well, in this podcast, Shubham Verlekar & Aristotle (played by me) discuss the idea of living a good life and try to uncover some principles behind achieving this state.

Listen to the podcast here:

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How to Handle Criticism | Logos Podcast Episode 2 | Ft. Shubham Verlekar

Criticism is something we all go through. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’re doing or what level you are at, you will face criticism at some point or the other.

So in this podcast, Shubham Verlekar & I talk about criticism and 5 steps you can use to handle it effectively and gracefully.

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