The Riddle of Youth

The Riddle of Youth

Travelling down winding paths, facing the brutality of crossroads at every turn. Fear of a wrong decision festering in your future-obsessed mind.

Longing for a return to a time even younger than now. How silly and ignorant. Times then had their own tribulations. Hindsight cunningly erases all of Past’s struggles.

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Your Content Is Like Your Child… Let It Shine on Its Own!

Progress Over Perfection

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As creatives, we tend to treat our work like our child. We nurture it the best we can and hope that it does well. But sometimes, we nurture it excessively and don’t let it shine on its own. We fear that the effort we put in may not be enough and our child may not be at its best. So we keep trying to make it better.

Does this sound like something you do? Well, I can totally relate. I experience that a lot of times. In fact, I’ve been going through that a lot recently, which is why I haven’t been posting as frequently as I used to.

So I thought I’d just whip open the editor and start hitting the keys till I produced another successful child for you guys. But before I was able to do that, I faced crippling thoughts about how the time needed to be right and my article needed to be great, etc. And that stopped me from even getting started.

But even once you begin, you’re faced with the Procrastination Monster that holds you back from completing your projects. And this big fella is controlled by a persistent tamer called Your Inner Critic. You know, that voice that critiques you about every little thing and settles for nothing less than perfection.

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The Feeling of Being Incompetent


We have phases in our lives where we feel like we have it all figured out: we know our strengths, what we want, and we’re willing to commit ourselves to our goals. But along the way comes the unexpected, shattering the solid perspective we’d acclimated to. Like a bolt of lightning, the stability and confidence we used to take pride in get uprooted.

What we once believed to be reality, both internal and external, gets questioned. Seeds of doubt plant themselves in our hearts. They begin germinating and contaminating our progress. Like weeds, they feast on the needs of the flourishing flora inside us. Soon enough, the once promising garden in our mind gets ravaged by the foul tendrils of scepticism. The once-blooming vegetation withers into Death’s womb. And in a matter of moments, both you and those around you are left to wonder – was there ever really a vibrant ecosystem thriving in this now desolate landscape?

Yet memory reminds you vividly. You swore you’d experienced prosperity here, that your perception couldn’t have lied. And then, when it all trickles down into every crevice of your repulsing mind, the stark bitterness stings your tongue and envelops your soul. You lost it all, in nothing but an instant. Happiness, balance, hope, certainty, determination. All because of an eclipse sheltering you from the blistering sizzle of truth. How blissful it was, indeed, but how better off you’d be if you’d been exposed to it earlier. You wouldn’t have to be in this bewildered, pathetic state.

But over time and through endurance, you accept the situation and normalise. The alterations that first overwhelmed you now cease to pose a threat. The weight that seemed unbearable now becomes an ordinary lift. The weeds that encumbered the land now stand reclaimed by it. The barren surface that dominated your sight gets subdued by Earth’s offspring. Fogs clear, barriers break, obstacles are overcome and limitations surpassed.

That feeling of inadequacy you felt didn’t last after all. You leased a spot for it in your mind, but in the end, it wasn’t able to afford the security of your new self. And that’s when you kicked that toxic feeling to the curb!

So remember that your current state is not an anomaly. A number of people are in the same boat as you right now. And just like the many others who’ve passed this stage, if you choose to believe in your innate strength and ability to adapt, you have a wonderful future ahead of you.

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“Patronus” (Poem) | Ft. Wordcravingssite

Patronus (Poem) - Wordcravingssite

Lay on her bed

Face; tear stained

Pulled a blanket over her body,

It had suddenly gotten cold

And dark too.

She curled up inside her blanket,

Black hooded figures hovering above her.

She wanted to fall asleep,

And never wake up again.

Just then,

Her phone rang,

Grumbling she answered it.

A familiar voice said, “Hello.”

And the voice must have been magic,

The figures disappeared.

The room got brighter, warmer.

And her face lit up!

– Rucha Prabhudessai (Wordcravingssite)

About Wordcravingssite:


An excellent poetry blog expressing youthful vulnerability. Explores topics that speak to the heart.

Find your own ‘Patronus’ here: Wordcravingssite

Workers’ Day (Poem)


The roads do not rest on tar itself:
They are imbued with the sweat of the labouring help;
Buildings have been built not only on cement
But have been realised through what the workers have lent;
The furniture that provides us comfort in our houses
Would not have arrived if not for the working thousands.
Let us give thanks to the strong human hands
Who slog day and night to enhance our lands.

Happy Workers' Day!

Toshira Cottlyn
(female character I used to play)

Visit her page for relatable quotes & memes here: Toshira “Show Stopper” Cottlyn