Key to a Good Life | Ft. Aristotle | Logos Podcast Episode 3

Key to a Good Life - Logos Podcast Ep 3 poster

We all strive to achieve the good life. We want happiness and prosperity in our lives. But often, this ideal eludes us. Is there a good way to reach these states or is ultimate happiness just an illusion?

Well, in this podcast, Shubham Verlekar & Aristotle (played by me) discuss the idea of living a good life and try to uncover some principles behind achieving this state.

Listen to the podcast here:

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How to Handle Criticism | Logos Podcast Episode 2 | Ft. Shubham Verlekar

Criticism is something we all go through. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’re doing or what level you are at, you will face criticism at some point or the other.

So in this podcast, Shubham Verlekar & I talk about criticism and 5 steps you can use to handle it effectively and gracefully.

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“Patronus” (Poem) | Ft. Wordcravingssite

Patronus (Poem) - Wordcravingssite

Lay on her bed

Face; tear stained

Pulled a blanket over her body,

It had suddenly gotten cold

And dark too.

She curled up inside her blanket,

Black hooded figures hovering above her.

She wanted to fall asleep,

And never wake up again.

Just then,

Her phone rang,

Grumbling she answered it.

A familiar voice said, “Hello.”

And the voice must have been magic,

The figures disappeared.

The room got brighter, warmer.

And her face lit up!

– Rucha Prabhudessai (Wordcravingssite)

About Wordcravingssite:


An excellent poetry blog expressing youthful vulnerability. Explores topics that speak to the heart.

Find your own ‘Patronus’ here: Wordcravingssite

Workers’ Day (Poem)


The roads do not rest on tar itself:
They are imbued with the sweat of the labouring help;
Buildings have been built not only on cement
But have been realised through what the workers have lent;
The furniture that provides us comfort in our houses
Would not have arrived if not for the working thousands.
Let us give thanks to the strong human hands
Who slog day and night to enhance our lands.

Happy Workers' Day!

Toshira Cottlyn
(female character I used to play)

Visit her page for relatable quotes & memes here: Toshira “Show Stopper” Cottlyn