A poem about a river in Goa, India – the Mandovi. Brought to life by a 6th grade student. Lovely read!

Storytellers - Everyone has a story to tell.

 Mandovi By Nilay Jitendra Adkonkar

I look at her everyday,

But to describe her, there’s no way.

Overwhelmed by her dying beauty,

I bow down to her and scream: 

We are all alive. 

The sound of waves,

The perennial flow, 

Holding a treasure within herself,

Giving life to many,

Sometimes restless.

Sometimes calm and cold.

Beautified by plants and birds.

Coming to life at the crack of dawn.

Dressed with sliver ornaments in the moonlight,

Changed to golden in the evening. 

At places she is called Mhadei,

And at places she is called Mandovi. 

We are all alive,

Because she is alive.

But for how long? 

AboutNilay Adkonkar:

Nilay is a class 6 student at Sunshine Worldwide School. He loves writing, reading, football and everything about space. When asked, ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’ Nilay hopped with joy at the very thought of his…

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